Recreational Reality

Reality (Novel)

Thomas: This novel-length story chronicles Kevin's journey across the multiverse, from places that don't exist to worlds beyond death and fiction. He discovers many secrets of how universes and realities are forged, and learns much about himself in the process.

Eliza: And as a bonus - here is the "Back of the Book Teaser":

Being erased from existence isn't usually this exciting...

One night, Kevin walks out of his own dream, and into the Middle of Nowhere, a place beyond existence that sets him on a rollercoaster journey across realities, beyond space and time, and to places he never imagined. From the great peaks of the Meta-Reality Temple, to the depths of the bureaucratic afterlife, there are far too few dull moments. Meeting a variety of new friends, and finding a surprisingly large amount of danger, he has to find a way back home, or be forever lost in the incomprehensible maze of the multiverse.

Chapter List:

Part 0: The Middle of Nowhere
Part 1: Lost Among the Impossible
Part 2: Escape from the Afterlife
Part 3: Ascending Realities
Part 4: Ex Nihilo
Part 5: The Purpose of Non-Being
Part 6: Beyond the Infinite
Part 7: The End of the Beginning

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