Recreational Reality

The Ekozet Connection (Series)

Thomas: Welcome to the series page for The Ekozet Connection. It's a story about teams of interdimensional travelers sponsored by the Transit Goddess Inzami, who travel to many worlds to recruit new members and help solve problems.

Eliza: Note that this series is a sequel to the short story Small Adventures, so you should read it first!

Inzami's team looks for a new member in the world of the five elements.

Weather World
Another member might be joining, if she can get her head out of the clouds.

The Mountain (Planned)
The final person for the new team is ready to join, but her world must be saved first.

Crisis on Nexus Station (Planned)
The new team faces its first true test, as an unnatural entity threatens to drain the energy of an interdimensional nexus.

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