Recreational Reality


On a rather ordinary night in New York City, a rather ordinary guy, Kevin, was dreaming about slightly less-than-ordinary things.

As beings from beyond thought and conception were watching...

    "Looks like a Type 4 Anomaly, possibly," one of the strange creatures said in their watchroom, far away from any concepts of distance or locality we would hold dear.
    "Should we investigate?" another said.
    "Yes, but proceed with caution..."

Kevin had just gotten off the school bus, and was rushing to work, as he was late for his final exam, and was desperately trying to remember what subject he forgot to study for.

They arrived.

Only mere wisps of reality, slight fragments of sentient space-time observed him go about his dream, in this most unusual, shifting world.

    What is wrong with this reality? It has no consistency, one of the beings thought to the other.
    Wait - this is a sub-sectional-reality - just a dream by another sentient! the second being thought, we should not be here!

Realizing he was in the completely wrong exam room, and having remembered graduating some time ago, Kevin decided to head out, and saw a perfectly reasonable exit door nearby.

    We must leave at once - wait! Is that door the junction point!? the first being said, watching Kevin walk out of the exit door, out of his dream, out of reality, and out of existence.


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