Recreational Reality

Annealing Collapse

Part 4: Contact

Fifteen and a half years later...

A man sat down in a chair, in a rather posh room, and stared up at the nearby wall. Upon it were sixteen faces, portraits of the heroes who had saved their worlds.

    To think they saved us all, he thought, and yet we've found no-one else. Our worlds are all alone in the void, floating endlessly in space, with no universe to call home.
    "Sir?" a woman said, as she approached him, "I know you're scheduled to present to the Council of Five tomorrow."
    "Yes, and what of it?" he said, "I've been feeling that despite all our accomplishments we still aren't able to contact anyone else. Everything we've sent by dimensional signals either comes back as silence or a cryptic 'you're not ready' message, from people unknown. I have nothing to present, there's nothing else out there. At least nothing else willing to give us the time of day."
    "Maybe not in our universe," the woman said, handing him a holographic screen, "but maybe in another."
    "What is this?"
    "It's a report," the woman said, "from many of the heroes, on that very wall. They say they were copied across dimensions into this other place, to tell their stories. To tell our story. And through that, the people of that place were able to find us here."
    "Go on," he said.
    "They've made contact with us through sub-spatial dimensional wave communications," she said, "the signal is surprisingly strong, and highly directional. They somehow knew exactly where to find us across nearly the entire multiverse."
    "That's amazing!" he said, looking at some of the reports.
    "It gets better," she said, smiling, "they've also invited us to join them in their universe. They know of our situation, and have the power to transport us across space-time. All the worlds, everything, and everyone."
    "That's... hard to believe," he said.
    "There's a transmitted recording of them creating a planet in five minutes," she said, pointing him to the relevant file, "they also offer protection, and would allow us to stay entirely independent."
    "Wow," he said, watching the video.
    "What do you think?" she said.
    "I'll present this to the council first thing tomorrow," he said.

    But that's another story.

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