Recreational Reality

The Mintroshka Equation: Commentary and Character Interview

Eliza: Hello and welcome everyone to another character interview! Today we have Iana, Dan, and Lily from The Mintroshka Equation.

Lily: I'm still not sure how we're here. Wasn't our entire universe erased from existence in the vacuum collapse?

Thomas: To be honest it involves a lot of highly-complex interdimensional gateway harmonics, so we'll save the explanation for another time.

Iana: I don't entirely understand it either, but I would enjoy the state as long as it lasts.

Eliza: For our first question, what were you expecting to find when you sent the signal to the glitched complex?

Dan: I don't really know, probably something super cool or advanced? Like a species of future humans who had achieved technological enlightenment and moved beyond any conception of reality?

Lily: To be honest? Something more like here.

Eliza: The interview booth?

Thomas: Not sure that's what she means, but anyways. Moving on. How did you feel when you first stepped out onto the old Earth's barren landscape and saw the burned-out sky?

Iana: I was created in that time, so I saw only emptiness.

Lily: The most disappointed I'd ever been.

Dan: I actually thought it was kinda cool at first - like exploring mars. After it all sunk in, though? It just felt... lonely.

Eliza: So this question is mostly for Iana, but did any of the other simulations do anything really strange or interesting?

Iana: I did not participate much in the analysis of the recursive simulations, but from what I saw there were many interesting events, but they still all converged into one final path. A few did build the simulator on another planet besides Earth, though.

Thomas: And for our final question, how do you feel about the possibility of someone hearing the signal you sent?

Iana: I certainly hope it is received and acted upon. I'd hate to see another universe go down the same path.

Dan: I agree. That's no way to end it all, in my opinion.

Lily: If you ask me? I think we already have our answer to that question.

Eliza: Interesting! However, it looks like we're unfortunately out of time. Be sure to look our for us in our next character interview!

Thomas: And while this story does not have a direct sequel, there are many other stories to check out!

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