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Dreamwalkers: Commentary and Character Interview

Eliza: Hello and welcome everyone to our first character interview! Today we have Will and Jaime from Dreamwalkers. Todd, Samantha, and Nathaniel aren't able to make it today due to the fact that they don't exist anymore.

Will: Tough break.

Thomas: To start it off, what was it like working together?

Jaime: It was a lot of fun, fighting the nightmare-monsters and saving the world!

Will: Yeah, it was great, everyone was a real professional during the production.

Eliza: We all know what the real question is - the fans demand to know: is there any chemistry between you two?

Jaime: Well, uh...

Will: That's kind of personal - I think we're planning on taking it slowly, and see if anything happens.

Jaime: Yeah, what he said.

Thomas: Anyways, to get back on topic... what would you say were your favorite parts?

Jaime: I'd have to say the part where I punched that monster across the park then turned the other one inside out!

Thomas: I'm pretty sure that part happened off-camera.

Jaime: Lame.

Will: I'd have to say the end, where Todd sacrificed himself to save us - quite the heroic action.

Eliza: Quite true, quite true. However, it looks like we're out of time. Be sure to look our for us in our next character interview! Also, be sure to keep reading, to find out if this truly is the last of Samantha, Nathaniel, and Todd? Where did they come from, and where are they headed? And what does any of this have to do with 'The Prime Reality'? Find out in the next exciting installment of Dreamwalkers!

Jaime: Wait - there's going to be a sequel? Is it starring me?

Thomas: There isn't a sequel planned at the moment. Eliza, quit making stuff up.

Eliza: Awww...

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