Recreational Reality

Digital Magic: Commentary and Character Interview

Eliza: Hello and welcome everyone to another character interview! Today we have Anita and Josesph from Digital Magic.

Anita: Thanks for having us! I've never been outside the Nexus before.

Josesph: Likewise, it's certainly a change of pace to be able to talk to those who I've watched over my entire life.

Eliza: Glad you could both make it!

Thomas: Our first question is: does knowing you're actually living inside a massive simulation change anything about your outlook on life, Anita?

Anita: To be honest, now that I can see outside? It's actually pretty obvious. I mean, it almost feels silly no-one mentions it. I guess the old stories about traveling to another dimension aren't quite right.

Josesph: I certainly do wish they were true, even if I'd be out of a job.

Eliza: So, Josesph, did that loose connection ever get fixed? And if not, does that mean others could get 9's as well?

Josesph: As far as I know, it was never actually fully repaired. Of course, it's in a remote location, and it would be highly unlikely for anyone to be there when a repair would be in progress. Especially since that area sees so little action and rarely needs fixing.

Anita: So what you're saying is I can't bring all my friends there?

Josesph: Sorry, but I think I'm only allowed to do so much. This situation already felt like more than should be possible.

Thomas: So given that, did the AIs ever give you any more insight, or mention anything otherwise?

Josesph: Not really, they do like to be mysterious.

Anita: Yeah, I didn't even know they existed! Although they probably see things from 'above' - I mean, they never talk with us in the Nexus, at least as far as I know.

Thomas: And we do appear to be out of time. Be sure to look our for us in our next character interview! There are many other stories, and many other heroes out there to interview, after all!

Eliza: And also a surprisingly large amount of simulated universes. Wonder why that's the case.

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