Recreational Reality

Recreational Reality

Welcome to Recreational Reality, a place for stories from other timelines and universes. I'm Enasi, and I'll be your guide here - nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by! The stories here are grouped into three main categories: Reality Bending, Alternate-Reality Adventures, and Shattered Realities.

Reality Bending is the first category and is about people who discover or experience something truly unknown, and their reactions:

Reality Bending

Join Will as his dreams begin to merge with reality, and... it's only a few pages long, so I don't think there can really be more of a teaser here without spoiling it.

A story about views of reality and imagination.

The Daughter of Mizira
An AI fable about what it means to be truly alive.

Reality (Novel)
A story of Kevin's journey across the multiverse, from places that don't exist to worlds beyond death and fiction, and his discovery of the secrets of how universes and realities are forged.

The second category, Alternate-Reality Adventures, are tales of adventure in other timelines, and sometimes across many dimensions. They're mostly for fun, and probably shouldn't be taken too seriously:

Alternate-Reality Adventures

Small Adventures
Three graduates encounter quite a bit more adventure than they expected, while out on their STEP tour of the Eran solar system.

The Ekozet Connection (Series)
Inzami's team looks for new members and solves problems across the multiverse.

The Mental-Link Highway
A chance encounter reveals a conspiracy that's on everyone's mind...

And our last category is Shattered Realities, where reality as we know it no longer exists, if it existed at all.

Shattered Realities

The Mintroshka Equation
Many have posed the question, 'are we in a simulation?' But what happens once it is actually answered?

Annealing Collapse
When worlds collide and collapse, it's up to a group of random survivors to save their universe.

There you have the list of stories! Hopefully you find a few to pique your curiosity and open your mind to the multiverse. If not, rest assured we are always working on more!

- Enasi